Abs and Shoulders Plank Workout (CRAZY BURN!)

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This plank workout is a complete ab and shoulder workout at home that you can complete with nothing but an exercise mat and a light dumbbell. Even though you usually associate them with abs, planks can often be the best shoulder workout because holding yourself in a plank position works the shoulders in and of itself. However, in this abs and shoulders workout we’ll show you how to increase the work your shoulders are doing, making these plank variations some of the best shoulder exercises.

There are 4 plank exercises in this womens shoulder workout. You’ll do each exercise for 10-15 reps and three rounds before moving on to the next of the shoulder exercises. You could also do a single set of each exercise in this plank workout for women before moving on to the next exercise and then do a total of 3-4 rounds of the entire shoulder workout for women if you prefer. Also, if you are a beginner, it’s ok to take extra rest or do fewer sets of this plank workout for abs.

Here are the abs and shoulder exercises that make up this workout.

1) One Arm Plank Shoulder Raises
2) Side Plank Lateral Raise
3) Folded Arm Plank Pushup
4) Plank Press

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