Android app secretly recording users

The Android app iRecorder Screen Recorder was discovered secretly recording videos of users and sending them to the developer. 

A blog post from Essential Security against Evolving Threats researcher Lukas Stefanko detailed the nefarious recording in a blog post. According to the research, the app was originally just a recording software. Yet following an update in August, the app began recording one minute of audio every 15 minutes and sending the recording to the developer. 

IRecorder and similar apps that start normally but have malicious code added to them are a growing problem in Google and Apple’s app stores. Predatory apps can sometimes have fake review scores and even ask users to pay for a subscription service to use the application. 

IRecorder has been removed from the Google app store, but it was there long enough to have more than 50,000 downloads. 

It remains unclear what the audio gathered by the app could be used for, and Google is working on updates that would provide monthly security updates to its users.