Bijan Robinson king of RBs, Brady’s advice to Shedeur Sanders & MORE | Elle Duncan Show

On the Elle Duncan Show, Elle Duncan and Gary Striewski dive into their second official episode with a nuanced discussion about the acceptability of bandwagon fans, the influence of running backs on the game, and Tom Brady’s impact on Shedeur Sanders. Plus, enjoy the musical talents of Yung Sriracha and Middle Aged Atlanta with ‘The Bijan Bounce.’

0:58 Taylor Swift and Travis Are Not Real
2:20 Confirmed: He Does Not Know that Woman
2:58 True or False: Travis Kelce is an A-List Athlete
3:08 True or False: Taylor Swift is an A-list Celebrity
4:23 Gary Thinks Travis can Make Taylor a Happy Girl
4:49 Gary Learned a New Word: Credence
5:48 Gary’s Word of the Day: Comment Your Suggestion
6:30 Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Tour
7:41 Back on our Bandwagon
8:17 Elle’s Broncos are Hot Garbage
8:32 Gary’s Patriots are Also Hot Garbage
8:47 Is it Okay to Bandwagon a Team?
12:06 The Most Bandwagonable Teams
12:39 A Peak Behind the Production Curtain
13:46 All Aboard the Falcons Bandwagon!
13:59 Editor’s Note: Gary was Told Not to Clap and Yell
14:35 Bijan Robinson is That Man
15:18 Bijan Robinson is a Hybrid Toyota… Just Efficient
16:13 Here You Go Atlanta… Listen Up!
18:47 Weird Question Alert
20:02 Tom Brady takes Shedeur Sanders Under his Wing
21:30 Gary Sees Deion and Sons at Gucci Store
22:35 This is Called a Teaser… Tune in Monday

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