Director Randy Wilkins on Jeter-ARod relationship, Yankees’ impact on 9/11 | The Captain Recap

Welcome to Episode 3 of "The Captain Recap" presented by Capital One! Phil Murphy and Joon Lee welcome in director and producer of "The Captain" Randy Wilkins. Our panel reacts to Episodes 3 & 4 of "The Captain," former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter’s 7-part documentary series airing on ESPN and ESPN+. On tonight’s episode…
(1:26) Director and producer of "The Captain" Randy Wilkins joins the show to discuss his experience with interviewing Derek Jeter.
(3:07) Randy explains the decision-making process behind producing "The Captain."
(5:50) Joon Lee asks Randy what surprised him most about spending time with Jeter.
(7:00) Randy shares how Jeter showed extreme disappointment when reflecting on the Yankees’ 2001 World Series loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks.
(10:20) Randy elaborates on his perception of Jeter and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship.
(13:55) Phil Murphy asks Randy to differentiate Jeter and A-Rod as competitors.
(16:13) Randy reflects on the dynamic between Jeter and the late George Steinbrenner.
(18:03) Randy shares his experiences living in New York during 9/11, the Yankees’ importance to the city and unique player-stories at the time of the tragedy.
(23:57) Randy dives into the heated rivalry between the Yankees and Boston Red Sox.
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