How a Medical Mystery in Guam Led to a New Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease

As a part of his reporting for “The Last Alzheimer’s Patient” documentary, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta travels to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to be taught extra about an ethnobotanist’s audacious concept on treating Alzheimer’s illness. After Dr. Paul Cox, founding father of the nonprofit Brain Chemistry Labs, found the supply of a mysterious neurodegenerative illness afflicting individuals in Guam, these clues led him to a novel mind-set about Alzheimer’s and a easy amino acid referred to as L-serine. His novel concept and attainable therapy are actually being examined in Mild Cognitive Impairment sufferers at Houston Methodist. Watch the total documentary on CNN’s “The Whole Story” premiering on May 19 at 8p ET/PT and streaming on MAX on June 18. #cnn #News #well being