Hunter Biden intends to enter a plea of not guilty in response to the federal firearms charges.

In court documents filed on Tuesday, lawyers representing Hunter Biden stated that he intends to plead not guilty to the federal firearms charges brought against him following the breakdown of a plea agreement in an ongoing federal investigation.

Biden is facing allegations of dishonesty regarding his drug consumption while purchasing a firearm in October 2018. This occurred during a time when he openly admitted to battling addiction to crack cocaine. The accusation suggests that he possessed the gun for a duration of 11 days.

The indictment, consisting of three counts, was issued by a special counsel who is overseeing the case. This development occurred several weeks after the proposed plea agreement, and it now sets the stage for a potentially significant trial as the 2024 election approaches.

He is requesting to submit his plea through a video conference, suggesting that it would save expenses for Secret Service protection during his travel from California to Delaware, as well as address logistical difficulties in Wilmington. It is anticipated that prosecutors will object to this appeal.

The business activities of Hunter Biden have also been subject to investigation, and the special counsel has suggested the possibility of filing tax charges either in Washington or California, where he currently resides.

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