ICI Myocarditis

Guest: Joerg Herrmann, M.D.
Hosts: Sharonne Hayes, M.D.

At the tip of this recording, the listener may have an understanding of using immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) and their cardiovascular unwanted side effects, which embrace myocarditis, coronary heart failure, and acute coronary occasions. Challenges in prognosis and therapy of those cardiovascular occasions will probably be mentioned.

Topics Discussed:
• What are immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) and for which illnesses are they used?
• What are the most typical unwanted side effects of ICIs to pay attention to, particularly cardiovascular facet • • • results for our viewers?
• How do you diagnose ICI myocarditis? What are the caveats?
• How do you deal with ICI myocarditis? Can you resume ICI remedy as soon as resolved?
• What about different CV unwanted side effects with ICI remedy? Easy to acknowledge, simple to handle?