Kat Timpf prepares for the year 2024 and anticipates the increasing level of stupidity in various matters.

What are Kat Timpf’s thoughts on the 2024 presidential election?

“I am unable to reword the text as it is a direct quotation.”

In this process, she refers to both President Biden and former President Donald Trump.

“I cannot reword”

“I cannot reword”

“I believe that both parties are corrupt, spend excessively, and are hypocritical in their actions. Therefore, I will be voting for a third party candidate, specifically the Libertarian party, as I have done in the past. I am aware that my candidate is unlikely to win, but what remains to be seen is which party will spend the next four years blaming me for their loss,” she concluded.

Ms. Timpf is the author, by the way, of “You Can’t Joke About That: Why Everything Is Funny, Nothing Is Sacred, and We’re All in This Together” published in April by Broadside Books.


The most recent employment report released on Tuesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics brings positive news for the Republican Party.

According to a report from the Republican National Committee, the latest numbers for job recovery in the top 10 states since the start of the coronavirus pandemic indicate that eight of these states are governed by Republicans, and all 10 states have legislatures controlled by Republicans.

According to the report, Republican governors lead nine out of the top 11 states with the lowest unemployment rates.

“I am unable to reword the text as it is a direct quote.”

She pointed out that as more and more Americans lose confidence in Biden, Republican leaders are demonstrating the effectiveness of our practical and job-oriented agenda for the American people.


As we consider economic figures, let’s take a look at the present public debt as provided by the Treasury Department. They have an interesting feature called “Debt to the Penny” on their official website, which can be found at Treasury.gov.

Here’s the nation’s debt to the penny, as of Sept. 15. when the agency offered the latest update:



According to Ballotpedia.com, a research group monitoring the trend, Senator Mitt Romney, a Republican from Utah, recently announced that he will not seek reelection in 2024. This decision makes him the second Senate Republican and the sixth senator overall to retire at the conclusion of their current term.

The organization stated in their analysis released on Tuesday that there will be a total of 33 U.S. Senate seats up for election in 2024. Out of these, 10 seats belong to Republicans, 20 belong to Democrats, and three are held by independents who align with the Democrats.

According to the analysis, a total of 19 members of Congress, consisting of six senators and 13 representatives, including Romney, have declared that they will not run for re-election in 2024. Among these individuals, there are 13 Democrats (four in the Senate and nine in the House) and six Republicans (two Senators and four House members).

Is there an upward trend? Perhaps.

According to Ballotpedia’s analysis, there are six U.S. Senators who have stated that they will not seek re-election. This number is higher than the five Senators who had made the same announcement during the 2022 election cycle, and it is also higher than the four Senators who had made the announcement at this point in the 2020 cycle.


Fox News Digital — the online presence of the news channel — finished August marking 30 consecutive months as the top news brand with multiplatform minutes — or how long visitors spent at the cable news network’s website.

According to Comscore, an industry source, the following figures represent the numbers.

Fox News Digital attracted a total of 92 million visitors to their website. These visitors collectively spent a staggering 3.2 billion minutes on the site and generated a total of 1.8 billion views for the network’s online content.

During the month of August, the Fox News Mobile App attracted an extra 6 million visitors.

According to Emplifi, a reliable industry source, Fox News has once again proven to be the most active brand on social media among news organizations. With a remarkable total of 24 million interactions, this achievement marks the 108th consecutive month that Fox News has maintained its leading position.

And the numbers: Fox News drove 6.3 million interactions on Facebook, 15.2 million on Instagram and 2.6 million Twitter interactions. On YouTube, Fox News accumulated 158.2 million video views, according to Shareablee, also an industry source.


12% of adults in the United States identify their political viewpoint as “very conservative.”

Approximately 23% of individuals identify their political perspective as “conservative.”

Approximately 28% of individuals would classify their perspective as “moderate.”

• 17% would describe their viewpoint as “liberal”

9% of individuals would classify their perspective as “highly liberal.”

11% of individuals are uncertain about their political perspective.

SOURCE: An Economist/YouGov poll of 1,500 U.S. adults conducted Sept. 10-12.

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