Musk warms to Pizzagate-Media Matters hyperlink on X

Elon Musk introduced extra consideration to his on-line escapades Monday by amplifying the Pizzagate conspiracy on his X platform.

A person on X tried to hyperlink the proprietor of “Pizzagate restaurant” with the proprietor of Media Matters, the left-leaning media watchdog that has accused X and Mr. Musk of selling antisemitic rumors.

Mr. Musk introduced the publish to his 160 million followers and added “weird.”

Pizzagate is a conspiracy principle that popped up on 4chan and Reddit simply earlier than the 2016 presidential election that falsely claimed a D.C.-area pizza restaurant was working a toddler intercourse trafficking operation from its basement. The canard implicated Hillary Clinton and different distinguished Democrats. The Pizzagate saga ended after the election when Edgar Maddison Welch fired an assault rifle into the restaurant.

Pizzagate is the most recent conspiracy principle that has caught Mr. Musk’s eye. Last week, he drew the ire of advertisers, the media and the White House after he agreed with a publish that accused Jewish communities of pushing the flood of immigration. Mr. Musk has additionally boosted rumors associated to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the assault on Paul Pelosi and the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response, a number of high-profile advertisers, together with Disney and Paramount, have suspended their adverts on X.

Mr. Musk has denied he’s antisemitic, saying that “nothing could be further from the truth.”