President Trump believes that subjecting presidents to cognitive testing would be beneficial, although he opposes the idea of implementing age restrictions.

Former President Donald Trump expressed his support for mental competency tests for individuals running for presidency, while also stating his belief that there should not be a restriction based on age.

In an interview with NBC News on “Meet the Press,” Mr. Trump, aged 77, expressed his belief that “testing would have positive outcomes.”

“I fully support the idea of testing,” he stated during the segment that was broadcasted on Sunday. “Personally, I believe that testing would have positive outcomes. Although some argue that it may be unconstitutional, I am in favor of conducting tests to ensure everything is in order.”

Amid growing speculation about President Biden’s cognitive decline, his comments were made. President Biden is 80 years old. Mr. Trump, who is currently the leading candidate for the GOP presidential nomination in the upcoming year, expressed his belief that a president’s age is not as important as their level of competency.

“He’s not too old in my opinion,” he stated. “However, I believe he lacks competence, which poses a greater issue.”

Joe Biden is the elected president who holds the record for being the oldest in the history of the United States. He assumed office at the age of 78.

Mr. Trump expressed that his age nearing 80 in 2024 does not worry him, as his parents lived for a considerably longer time. If elected in 2024, he would be 78 years old at the time of inauguration, which is the same age Mr. Biden was.

“He stated that certain exceptional global leaders have reached their 80s, emphasizing that it is primarily a matter of competence rather than age.”

Last week, Mr. Trump conveyed the identical feeling during his appearance on SiriusXM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show”.

“He stated that age is intriguing as it affects individuals differently, with some remaining mentally sharp while others experience a decline. However, this decline can occur at various ages, including 40 and 50. Nevertheless, the individual in question is not considered too old; rather, they are deemed highly incompetent.”

Polls have inquired about voters’ opinions on whether Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump are too advanced in age to effectively fulfill their roles. The Wall Street Journal conducted a poll revealing that 73% of voters believe Mr. Biden is too old to seek reelection in 2024, whereas 47% held the same view regarding Mr. Trump.

During both interviews, Mr. Trump mentioned his friend Bernie Marcus, who is 94 years old but still mentally agile. Mr. Marcus is one of the founders of Home Depot.