Russia, China bully Biden with separate Cold War-style campaigns to win over Latin America

In Latin America, U.S. officials are raising alarms about Russia’s well-funded disinformation campaign and China’s expanding influence and military activities.

While not explicitly coordinated, these efforts coincide, reflecting a growing China-Russia alignment aiming to challenge U.S. leadership in the Western Hemisphere.

  • Kremlin-financed operations involve covertly influencing local media and influencers across several countries.
  • It aims to undermine support for Ukraine and foster anti-U.S. and anti-NATO sentiments.
  • China seeks to “establish a new world order replacing the U.S.-led system founded in 1945.”
  • China is offering economic and military investment to sway countries, such as Brazil and Venezuela.

The concern is that these developments could potentially be used for military applications or to target U.S. assets and policy interests.

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