‘Slob’ Fetterman says Republicans are losing their minds over ‘disgraceful’ rule change

Sen. John Fetterman expressed that Republicans are becoming increasingly upset about the Senate’s recently implemented dress code, which has been nicknamed the “Fetterman rule.” This rule aligns with the Pennsylvania Democrat’s personal choice of wearing hoodies or loose button-down shirts paired with baggy shorts.

Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, ordered an end to the Senate’s traditional “business attire” dress code. He made the change by instructing the Sergeant at Arms to cease enforcing the dress code.

Mr. Fetterman is now allowed to enter the chamber’s floor while wearing his casual attire. He can do so before, during, and after votes, instead of signaling his vote to the clerk from the Senate floor doorways.

Mr. Fetterman expressed his desire for a broader acceptance of the more relaxed dress code among politicians from all parties. This is because many of them choose to wear jeans and button-up shirts on Mondays when they travel from their home states to Washington.

He expressed the belief that it is desirable for everyone to seek greater comfort. He also acknowledged that now we have the choice to prioritize comfort. Additionally, he mentioned that if individuals prefer to wear a suit, that is perfectly fine, as it provides another option.

However, some Republicans, such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia, are not pleased with the change and have criticized it as “disgraceful” for trying to please Mr. Fetterman.

“On X, formerly known as Twitter, she expressed her belief that the dress code serves as a societal norm to uphold etiquette and respect for our institutions. She urged against diminishing these standards.”

“They’re going crazy. It’s chaos, like dogs and cats coexisting. They’re panicking,” stated Mr. Fetterman during his interview on Monday. “I don’t comprehend it. Shouldn’t we be focusing on more significant matters rather than my casual attire?”

The first-term Pennsylvania Democrat said that his favorite insult was that he was a “revolting slob.”

Despite the new rule change, Mr. Fetterman refrained from entering the Senate floor on Monday.

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