The arrival of U.S. Abrams tanks in Ukraine is imminent, and Austin is encouraging allies to increase their production of artillery shells.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that the long-awaited arrival of 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine’s battlefield is imminent, a moment that officials in Kyiv have been eagerly awaiting for several months.

In Ramstein, Germany, Mr. Austin also encouraged numerous defense ministers from allied countries to increase the production of air defense and artillery ammunition, which is urgently required by Ukraine’s forces in the battlefield. He mentioned that the United States, along with other NATO members, would collaborate to provide training for Ukraine’s pilots in F-16 fighter tactics.

On Tuesday, Mr. Austin stated that the Abrams tanks, along with the Leopard 2 armored vehicles from Germany, would offer Ukraine an additional strong defense capability. He emphasized the collective efforts of countries sharing similar goals in ensuring Ukraine’s immediate requirements are met.

As Ukraine continues its counteroffensive against Russian invaders, there is a request for additional armaments, which is progressing at a slow pace.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt frequently called the United States the “arsenal of democracy” due to its unparalleled capacity to manufacture weapons for its allies during the initial stages of World War II.

Mr. Austin stated that the United States is once again strengthening its industrial foundation in response to Russian assaults on Ukraine.

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Mr. Austin urged his fellow ministers to reconsider their supplies of 155mm ammunition and essential air defense systems, emphasizing the need to provide Ukraine with all possible support for the approaching winter season.

During a press conference on Tuesday, General Mark A. Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, stated that Ukrainian forces have regained over 50% of the land that was previously taken by Russia in an invasion that occurred nearly two years ago.

Gen. Milley expressed that the Ukrainian people’s military deserves credit for every bit of reclaimed land, as it is a result of their bravery, honor, and immense sacrifice.

Mr. Zelenskyy has repeatedly asked for advanced jets like the recently approved F-16 Fighting Falcon. But, Gen. Milley, who retires at the end of the month, said Ukraine’s combat priorities are air defense weapons, artillery, and mechanized infantry. 

“I may be concluding my tenure, but the objective of this group persists until the ultimate achievement of a Ukraine that is both free and independent,” stated Gen. Milley.

General Milley stated that Ukraine is not expected to cease military operations against Russia once summer concludes. He mentioned that Kyiv holds the strategic advantage and is determined to continue engaging in combat.

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