The Colombian leader delivers a powerful speech, issuing a grim warning that humanity is driving itself towards extinction.

UNITED NATIONS — Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro delivered an ominous prophecy with grandiose language on Tuesday, painting a grim picture of what lies ahead if nations fail to swiftly redesign the way humans live on this planet.

“In his address to the U.N. General Assembly, he expressed that this year marked a period where humanity suffered losses and willingly accelerated the process of extinction. It appears that the world’s leaders have unintentionally become adversaries of life.”

Petro frequently utilizes the art of persuasive speaking. Recently, he has employed this skill to position himself as a worldwide authority on climate change and criticize others for not taking its dangers seriously enough. He made a significant impact at the Brazil Amazon Summit in July by urging his fellow oil-producing nations to abandon fossil fuels. He emphasized that advocating for a shift towards sustainability while still permitting ongoing drilling is essentially denying the problem.

During his speech at the United Nations, he expressed that the “crisis of life” has already commenced, evident through the migration of climate refugees. He cautioned that within the next 50 years, the population of these refugees will escalate to 3 billion. He further stated that his country, currently abundant with thriving forests, will undergo a desertification process, leading its inhabitants to relocate in large numbers. Their motivation will no longer be driven by material wealth, but rather by a basic and essential necessity: water.

Petro stated that humanity has committed itself to conflict, diverting focus and resources away from development objectives and climate change, which he referred to as “the ultimate crisis.”

His speech at times resembled literary prose, particularly his characterization of the migration flow. In the Spanish-language transcript submitted, the word “Life” is capitalized frequently through the speech.

“I cannot reword.”

Petro concluded by expressing his desire for his three grandchildren to reside in a place “distant from any apocalyptic events or periods of extinction.”

“I desire for them to exist during an era when humanity had the wisdom to prevent self-destruction on Earth and, by embracing cultural differences, successfully spread the essence of Life across the vast expanse of the universe.”

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