Unexplainable Figure Captured on Thermal Camera | Ghost Adventures | Travel Channel

Ghost Adventures makes their return to Las Vegas, NV to investigate the famous Riviera Hotel and Casino one last time before its demolition. Only this time, there are no patrons walking the casino floors, and no interviews to be done. The Riviera was once an opulent establishment, but times have changed. On May 4, 2015 its doors closed for good. Moments after the guys enter a security guard informs the crew that shortly after the closure, a woman committed suicide at the Riviera by jumping from the top floor. Before the lockdown, the guys come up with the idea to let four special guests investigate with them. Wandering the streets of Vegas they end up selecting a few fans (Victoria, Ted, Anne, and Sam) to join them for a historic night of investigating.

Paranormal investigators Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin, along with A/V techs Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley, travel to haunted destinations where they meet with eyewitnesses and experts to piece together the haunted history of each site. They then begin a dusk-to-dawn lockdown investigation, using the latest technology to confront the reported paranormal activity and document key evidence in an effort to uncover the truth behind each haunting mystery.
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