‘You look like a Smurf’: GOP chairman blasts Democrats attempting to discredit Biden impeachment probe

House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer on Tuesday stated “financially illiterate” Democrats had been spreading a pretend information story in regards to the congressman’s personal funds to attempt to discredit his investigation into President Biden’s household monetary dealings.

“You look like a Smurf here, just going around in all this stuff,” Mr. Comer instructed Rep. Jared Moskowitz after the Florida Democrat in contrast Mr. Comer’s land dealings with allegations that Mr. Biden’s members of the family used his model to counterpoint themselves with funds from overseas corporations.

The brouhaha broke out at a listening to that was supposed to have a look at wasteful authorities property holdings. Mr. Moskowitz criticized the listening to, saying it wasn’t what was on his constituents’ minds.

Then he went after Mr. Comer, who was chairing the listening to, pointing to a Daily Beast article final week that stated the Kentucky Republican used a shell firm to swap land and channel $200,000 to his brother. That’s important as a result of Mr. Comer is investigating a $200,000 mortgage James Biden made to his brother a number of years again whereas President Biden wasn’t in workplace.

Mr. Comer stated the article — and Democrats who’re repeating it — are “dumb, financially illiterate people.”

He stated what occurred was his father died, leaving some land. Mr. Comer’s brother didn’t have cash to keep up it, so Mr. Comer purchased the land, which accounted for the cost Democrats have questioned.

“They’re so financially illiterate that you think that because something says LLC it’s a shell company,” the congressman stated. “This company, which I financially disclose, has properties, OK? It manages over 1,000 acres of land for hunting purposes. It owns different properties. I’m one of the largest landowners in my home area, OK? I went to the bank and I borrowed money and I bought that land. I didn’t get wires from Romania, China. My family doesn’t get wires.”

Mr. Comer then known as Rep. Dan Goldman, a New York Democrat who has joined Mr. Moskowitz within the criticism, “Mr. Trust Fund.”

Mr. Moskowitz then acquired defensive. He first tried to close down Mr. Comer, saying the trade was popping out of his personal time for questions. When Mr. Comer stopped the clock to proceed the combat, Mr. Moskowitz stated he was simply elevating questions.

“Why should they believe what you’re saying?” the Democrat demanded. “We don’t know if that’s what you’re doing or not. We don’t know.”

“You’ve already been proven a liar, Mr. Moskowitz,” Mr. Comer retorted.

“Your word means nothing” Mr. Moskowitz replied. “This seems to have gotten under your skin. I think the American people have lots of questions, Mr. Chairman. Perhaps you should sit for a deposition.”

Mr. Comer stated he would pay for a ticket for Mr. Moskowitz to go to Kentucky and conduct an investigation.

The Kentuckian additionally provided to sit down down with James Biden and Hunter Biden, the president’s son, and “we can go over our LLCs.”